12 Luxurious Bathrooms You Have To See

We all dream of having a bathroom like Kim Kardashian or Oprah, one day…there’s nothing more luxurious than experiencing your wealth in the most amazing tub, sipping a glass of wine, in a bathroom that’s even fancier than going to a spa. These powder rooms will seriously make your jaw drop – every interior design fanatic will swoon.

OMG. The perfectly matching cobalt rug and symmetrical vases, the most stunning flower arrangements, and that marble tub. This is what true taste and style is – take note.12 Luxurious Bathrooms You Have To See

Um, a chandelier in the bathroom. And those flowers? And that perfect white stool? It’s really hard to figure out what our favorite part of this bathroom is, but the chic all-white-everything is really giving us the feels.12 Luxurious Bathrooms You Have To See

This bronze, rustic chic bathroom is impeccably designed, with the perfect candle placement and a massive tub for maximum relaxation. Same with the sink and whatever that bronze creature is that’s holding up the counter, and those medieval-chic lights…sign us up.12 Luxurious Bathrooms You Have To See

Woah. This bathroom might be the coolest one on the list. Loving the tropical vibes, and there is a luxury pedicure chair with a footbath. And a massive glass shower fit with a wooden floor and jumbo-sized rain forest style shower is a true piece of art.12 Luxurious Bathrooms You Have To See

A fireplace next to your bathtub? No, we’re not kidding. This is a real bathroom. Elevate your bathing experience – forget the candles, toss some kinder in the fireplace, and we’re pretty sure that’s the definition of cozy.12 Luxurious Bathrooms You Have To See

We are getting serious Ernest Hemingway vibes from this picturesquely placed pine tree, the high beams and hanging lights…it takes us back to another time. And we don’t want to go back to the present.12 Luxurious Bathrooms You Have To See

That view pretty much sums up NYC’s charm – it would make us wake up at sunrise every day to take a bath, because the simplicity of this marble room only really needs a perfectly placed tub and window to be the coolest bathroom in New York.12 Luxurious Bathrooms You Have To See

Never thought that a nude-colored bathroom would be beautiful, but here it is. The perfect low jacuzzi, and the Eastern style floor pillows for spa lounging. Forget expensive day spas, move into this majestic one with pillars!12 Luxurious Bathrooms You Have To See

Another fireplace! This time, with w super low-key, sexy vibe, hidden in a wall with lighting. Looks like the ultimate bachelor pad, with sleek designing that could seduce anyone. We see those jacuzzi jets, bathroom, we see them…12 Luxurious Bathrooms You Have To See

This bathroom looks like a straight-up outdoor pool. Those lounge chairs, that massive pool/fountain creation which is the most glorious thing we’ve ever seen? Hard to believe this is inside someone’s home.12 Luxurious Bathrooms You Have To See

This bathroom is somewhere in the middle of paradise, surrounded by shining sun and the nature. We don’t know why there are rocks and branches in here, but we’re digging it. We could look at that view from the tub all day. Also, there seems to be a white fur rug, and we want in.12 Luxurious Bathrooms You Have To See

This color story has a downtown edge. We like those red walls…the different levels make it complex and look very luxe. We like.12 Luxurious Bathrooms You Have To See12 Luxurious Bathrooms You Have To See


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