Kitchen – Three Color Palette Tips

 Kitchen - Three Color Palette Tips

Color is one of the fastest and most inexpensive ways to update a room. But great, colorful kitchens don’t happen by accident. The secret is in the three color palette.

  • Color 1: An existing kitchen color that can’t be changed. This may be the color of the countertop or cabinets.
  • Color 2: A neutral of your choice. Use it for the new wall color that complements color 1. It’ll serve as the kitchen backdrop.
  • Color 3: The color that makes your kitchen unique. It’s often a bold and unexpected color that works with your palette. Color 3 adds pop to your kitchen. Use it as a statement piece for your accessories like bar stools, vases or cookware.

The best way to find the perfect three color palette is to grab paint swatches in the shades you like and shuffle them around until you’re happy with the combination. Once you find your signature three color, keep a set handy for accessory shopping.

Kitchen-Decorating-Color-Ideas-and-Pictures-1 Kitchen-Decorating-Color-Ideas-and-Pictures-2 Kitchen-Decorating-Color-Ideas-and-Pictures-3 Kitchen-Decorating-Color-Ideas-and-Pictures-4

Kitchen-Decorating-Color-Ideas-and-Pictures-5 Kitchen-Decorating-Color-Ideas-and-Pictures-6 Kitchen-Decorating-Color-Ideas-and-Pictures-7 Kitchen-Decorating-Color-Ideas-and-Pictures-8 Kitchen-Decorating-Color-Ideas-and-Pictures-9 Kitchen-Decorating-Color-Ideas-and-Pictures-10 Kitchen-Decorating-Color-Ideas-and-Pictures-12Kitchen-Decorating-Color-Ideas-and-Pictures-11Kitchen - Three Color Palette Tips Kitchen - Three Color Palette Tips Kitchen - Three Color Palette Tips Kitchen - Three Color Palette Tips

Kitchen - Three Color Palette Tips

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